Services & Pricing


Dogs: $26 per day

  • $46 per day with 2 dogs per run.
  • $66 per day with 3 dogs per run.
  • Dogs must show proof of current vaccines, including kennel cough (bordatella) and rabies given at least 2 weeks prior to their stay. Dogs are given time everyday in the large fenced in areas to relieve themselves and play. If you want us to play ball or take your dogs on walks through our 41 acre farm, we can do that for an additional fee of $8.00 per day. While were are not groomers, we can bathe your dog and trim nails. Fees for baths range from 25-45 depending on the size and thickness of the dogs coat. Contact us for details.

Cats: $16 per day

Cats have full run of two “cubes”.